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Large Insulated Water Bottle with Plastic Cap

Large Insulated Water Bottle with Plastic Cap

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Stay Refreshed with The Remedy Shoppe's Insulated Water Bottle

Meet your ultimate hydration companion from Remedy Shoppe - the sleek, black Insulated Water Bottle. With its durable metal body and our iconic logo in silver, this bottle is not just for hydration; it's a statement of style and durability. Designed for adventurers, it keeps your cold drinks chilled, ensuring a refreshing sip every time, amidst the heat of Alaskan summers or the intensity of your daily grind.

Adventure-Ready, Leak-Proof

Heading out into Skagway's vast landscapes or the urban chaos, this bottle's secure screw cap with an O-ring, promises a spill-free journey. Toss it in your bag and embark on your day's adventure without a second thought, knowing your essentials are safe and your hydration is guaranteed.

Embrace the Alaskan Spirit

This isn't just any water bottle; it's a piece of Remedy Shoppe's pioneering spirit, designed to accompany you on every adventure. It's for those who seek to keep the essence of Alaska's wild beauty close, with every cool sip reminding you of the vast, untamed wilderness.

Your Essential Adventure Gear

With the Remedy Shoppe's Insulated Water Bottle, you're always ready to face the day. Perfect for keeping your beverages cold, it's an essential part of your adventure kit - ensuring you stay refreshed, no matter where your journey takes you.

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